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 Showcase fresh ideas & quickly scale impact

With Scrambles, important initiatives transform into intense innovation and learning challenges. Learn how our immersive programs create internal proving-grounds for people to develop pipelines of exciting new projects, ventures, and collaborations.  From customer-inclusion strategies to breakthrough talent recruiting, our programs drive the accountability and actions small and large enterprises need for success.

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What We Deliver

Customized 1 & 2-Day Immersions

We Deliver...

Programs that plug into existing strategies to help companies re-leverage talent and resources.

You Get...

A sustainable approach to maintaining momentum on top-priorities. Scrambles capture hidden opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Consulting-Grade Facilitation & Strategic Advisory

We Deliver...

A dedicated and experienced Scramble expert who leads teams through program planning, execution, and assessment.

You Get...

A partner who understands the emerging challenges facing your business. Our team customizes each Scramble experience to fit culture and goals, and curate an inclusive environment to do applied innovation work.

Real-Time Talent Performance Analytics & Insights

We Deliver...

Scramblytics: A powerful & easy-to-understand way to assess and develop talent and teams based on performance.

You Get...

The context and content to identify and develop more high-performers: Take advantage of team and aggregate insights delivered through powerful data reporting and visualizations.

Re-Energize Company Culture

We Deliver...

Alignment between organizational objectives and the growth and development of the individual.

You Get...

An internal accelerator where learning and serendipity happen by design. We create authentic environments for doers and decision-makers to build relationships bonded by shared projects and collective success.

What We Scramble

Industry & Business

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Technology & Communications
  • Manufacturing & More
  • Case Studies

Challenges & Themes

  • Customer Centricity
  • Talent Development & Retention
  • Big Data
  • Innovation
  • Mobile & Social
  • Custom Concepts
  • How do scrambles work?

How Scrambles Work

Scramble programs "plug" into existing efforts. Use our field-tested approach to quickly centralize people's knowledge and know-how, accelerate top-priority initiatives, and transform ideas into new competencies, solutions, and opportunities. We provide the program management and facilitation to ensure each Scramble delivers maximum impact.

  • Scope
    Develop the Scramble Mandate and strategy.
  • Plan
    Customize Scramble design.
  • Scramble
    Host the Scramble!
  • Launch
    Select pilots and prototypes turn into real funded projects.
  • Sustain
    Track progress, support teams, and execute Scramble strategy.


  • How do you "Scramble" a company?

  • Is Scrambling the right approach for our company?

  • How much does it cost to host a Scramble?

  • Where do Scrambles take place?

  • Who should host a Scramble?

  • We provide consulting-grade solutions through program-based engagements - unforgettable, intense experiences for both employee teams. In the planning stage, we identify challenges and strategic priorities to align participants' interests and organizational priorities. Our program design focuses heavily on experiential learning and participatory decision-making that disrupts legacy politics and norms.

    It's a thorough mash-up of emerging principles, practices, and skills ranging from endurance sports, design thinking, military science, lean, open innovation, prize theory, survival, analytics, rapid prototyping, instructional design, customer inclusion, activism, social sciences, and more.

  • We're excited to help you apply the Scramble model to your industry and business challenges. Call or email us and we'll work with you to determine whether Scrambling is a sensible fit and the right next steps.

  • Scramble packages are designed according to project scope, milestones, and budget. Pricing may include, but not limited to hourly advisory along with a flat program and facilitation fee. The best, fastet way to receive a quote is to call or email us.

  • The most cost-effective venue is usually on-site. However, when office space is unavailable or deemed inappropriate for the intended use, off-site venues such as hotels, co-working spaces, and other locations are wonderful alternatives.

  • Companies looking for new ways to address complex challenges. Scrambles "plug" into existing strategies to help companies re-leverage existing talent and resources. Programs are designed according to challenge and industry needs, for both technical and/or non-technical talent.

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