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  • President Leonard A. Schlesinger
    Len Schlesinger
    President, Babson College,
    Vice Chairman & COO, Limited Brands (Fmr.)
    Greta Roberts
    Greta Roberts
    Founder & CEO, Talent Analytics
  • image_joemarks
    Joe Marks
    VP & Research Fellow, Walt Disney Company
    Gordon Jones
    Gordon Jones
    Managing Director, Harvard innovation lab
  • Neil Shah
    Neil Shah
    Founder, Compass Partners

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  • New product & service innovation
  • Leadership development, recruiting & retention
  • Customer inclusion & discovery
  • Culture transformation
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  • Unleashing student-led innovations
  • Strengthening cross-campus collaboration
  • Extending community resources & relationships
  • Introducing new career opportunities & connections
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Non-profits & Government

  • Reduce resource duplication
  • Advocacy & stakeholder alignment
  • Mission hacking
  • Spur community-inspired solutions
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